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To Believe, Or Not To Believe. 'Tis Is The Question.

It's difficult to turn a skeptic into a believer of the paranormal because it's hard to prove that ghosts exist. Even with some hard evidence, the skeptics will deny it every day until something happens to them personally.

I would encourage skeptics to research about the paranormal and how far back in history people have had experiences. It isn't hard to see that there are millions of people that have had a run in with a ghost, or some creepy audio that they caught from their doorbell cam.

Keeping an open mind would allow you to see that there is much more to the world than what we

know, see or hear.

We go through life every day not hearing anything out of the ordinary. I bet if you set up your camera in the basement for the night, eventually, even you will catch something out of this world. If you do, you know where to find us.

Submit your evidence and we might add you to one of our episodes.

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