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Top Ten Things You Should Do If You See Or Hear Something Paranormal.

Updated: Jan 18

Things to keep in mind when you come across something that you haven't experienced, and don't know what to do in that moment. Keep reading! Whatever you do:

1. Remain calm and don’t panic.

2. Try to assess the situation and observe the paranormal activity.

3. Take a few moments to observe the ghost.

4. If you feel comfortable, try to communicate with the ghost.

5. Take photographs or record any evidence of the paranormal activity.

6. Talk to other witnesses and ask them to describe their experience.

7. Contact a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter if you would like more help.

8. Protect yourself with prayer or other spiritual practices.

9. Keep a journal of your experiences and any evidence you may have collected.

10. Stay safe and don’t explore any paranormal activity alone.

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